The field of international history is concerned with the diplomatic and military aspects of political relationships between national governments or between national governments and other kinds of subnational or transnational political actors.  In other words, international history combines the concerns of the formerly separate fields of diplomatic and military history, with the proviso that the traditional emphasis on diplomacy and military affairs will whenever appropriate be augmented by consideration of economic, social, cultural, religious, scientific, technological, environmental, or other factors with political significance.  Graduate training in international history permits specialization in either diplomatic or military history, as well as the integrated study of both.  Graduate instruction in international history is, in particular, calibrated to prepare students for work in civilian institutions of higher learning, professional military education, and the history programs of government agencies.

The faculty in international history included Colleen Woods (American diplomatic history); Piotr Kosicki (European history); and Jon Sumida (military history).