Center for Historical Studies

9/21/17 - 12:00 PM
2120 Francis Scott Key Hall

9/18/17 - 4:00 PM
2120 Francis Scott Key Hall

Join us for a discssion with James Gilbert and Jonathan Auerbach on their book launch.

9/7/17 - 12:30 PM
2120 Francis Scott Key Hall

Join us for a lunchtime talk with Japan Award recipient Jonathan Bull.

5/10/17 - 3:00 PM
2118 Taliaferro Hall

Please join us for a screening and discussion of "Pecker."

3/29/17 - 6:00 PM
2118 Taliaferro Hall

Join us at the Miller Center for a screening and Q & A with director Matt Porterfield.

2/24/17 - 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
2nd Floor Taliaferro Hall

Power and Persuasion: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Constructing and Contesting Legitimacy

Session One: 9:00am-10:30am: The Contested Nation

The Miller Center's Graduate Student Film Series will continue its Maryland Film Series this spring.

Eckstein's 'Bad Moon Rising: How the Weather Underground Beat the FBI and Lost the Revolution," was reviewed in The Chronicle of Higher Education.


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