HIST137 -

Check times and seat availability on Testudo
HIST131 -

Check times and seat availability on Testudo
10/23/20 - 3:00 PM
Via Zoom 754 486 0893

Please join this Friday's Happy Hour with history students and faculty.

A field of specialization is defined as a series of related topical or regional courses. Students should note that many courses fit into more than one field. The Individualized Pathway must have the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies
Africa and the African Diaspora
Europe, Britain, and Russia
Global Interaction and Exchange
Latin America and the Caribbean

The WEAS mini-conference will take place on Friday, October 30th, and Saturday, October 31st.

11/20/20 - 4:00 PM
via Zoom. Register to attend.

The Anna Julia Cooper Workshop in Black History presents "Retreat, but Don't Surrender: Civil Rights Activists and the Problem of Leisure," presented by Tiffany Gill of Rutgers University.


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