The Department of History offers a wide variety of programs for both traditional and non-traditional graduate students. In addition to its main Degree Programs, the Department offers a number of Certificate programs as well as options for Non-Degree Study. The items below will link you with whichever field of study you are interested in:


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Janus is the undergraduate journal for history and the humanities at the University of Maryland, College Park. We seek to grant undergraduate students a voice in the academic world by providing them a chance to publish their work and to participate formally in scholarly debate.

The Department of History offers undergraduate courses in or related to the history of technology, science, and environment. These can be taken as electives by history and non-history majors alike. History majors may also designate History of Technology, Science, and Environment as their area of concentration.

The University of Maryland also offers a Science, Technology, and Society (STS) living and learning program through the College Park Scholars Program.

Welcome to Middle East Studies at the University of Maryland. The Middle East Studies Faculty offers a variety of courses and programs to increase the awareness of the Middle East and North Africa, to enhance understanding of the region's diverse peoples, lands, and cultures and to broaden historical and contemporary perspectives.Majors in the Department of History have an opportunity to obtain a minor in Middle East Studies. It is an interdepartmental program that offers a variety of courses to increase awareness of the Middle East and Africa. 

In conjunction with the Center for East Asian Studies, the Department of History offers an opportunity for an undergraduate certificate in East Asian Studies. This is a 24-credit program designed to provide specialized knowledge of the cultures, histories, and contemporary concerns of the peoples of China, Japan, and Korea.  

It is designed specifically for students who wish to expand their knowledge of East Asia and demonstrate to prospective employers, the public, and graduate and professional schools a special competence and set of skills in East Asian affairs.

Central European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (CERES)  is an inter-disciplinary program bringing together a wide range of course subjects for a cohesive undergraduate major offering aimed toward completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree.  It traditionally welcomes students intending to double-major. The program brings together an array of Maryland’s finest faculty working on the region in a range of departments in the social sciences, humanities, and other areas.  


Every year the President's Commission on Ethnic Minority Issues presents the Ethnic Minority Achievement Award to recognize faculty, staff, students and individual units that have made outst


Nine ARHU faculty members received 2013-2014 Research and Scholarship Summer Awards (RASA).

Congratulations to ARHU’s RASA recipients!


Seventeen ARHU faculty members received 2013-2014 Research and Scholarship Semester Awards (RASA).

Congratulations to ARHU’s RASA recipients!


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