Research and Scholarly Work

12/5/17 - 4:00 PM
2110 Taliaferro Hall

Join the Miller Center as we have a discussion with Cesare Cuttica on "Intellectual Historians, Ism-Categories and the Messy Business of Doing History."

10/25/17 - 3:30 PM
2110 Taliaferro Hall

The Middle East Graduate Field Committee is hosting a special talk by Daanish Faruqi.

9/28/17 - 1:00 PM
1215 Edward St. John

Join Professor Sylvia Chan-Malik discuss the Nation of Islam, its history, and contemporary relevance in the US.

9/22/17 - 9:30 AM
Happel Room, Caldwell Hall, The Catholic University of America

9/21/17 - 12:00 PM
2120 Francis Scott Key Hall

9/18/17 - 4:00 PM
2120 Francis Scott Key Hall

Join us for a discssion with James Gilbert and Jonathan Auerbach on their book launch.


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