Resources at University of Maryland

British history has a long lineage at the University of Maryland. Over the years, the various British history faculty have devoted close attention to the development of library resources. The result is that the University Libraries possess a very strong collection of secondary material in all fields and areas of British history.   We also have some important primary collections, such as the Goldsmiths'-Kress Collection of Economic and Social Literature, 1600-1900 and the British Parliamentary Papers. The University of Maryland libraries are also increasingly providing access to web based digital collections.


Local Resources

The Washington area is richly endowed with resources for research and study in all fields of history. British history is certainly no exception to that.   The Library of Congress (holdings meet most of the needs for virtually any research topic in British history that could be imagined.   And specialized libraries--ranging from the National Library of Medicine to the Wirtz Labor Library of the Department of Labor--only enhance the resources available at the Library of Congress. Students who wish to pursue Ph.D. research, however, should expect to have to travel to Britain to consult primary documents that are only available in libraries in the United Kingdom.