Global Interaction and Exchange

Global Interaction and Exchange

The Global Interaction and Exchange field (GIE) engages topics that transcend nations, regions, and single civilizations. By disciplinary convention, most of the History Department’s graduate fields are defined by region and geography.

The GIE curriculum is flexible by design. It seeks to accommodate the differences in scope and method appropriate to global, transregional, and/or comparative scholarship while providing the depth of study to demonstrate expertise both within and beyond traditional national/geographic fields. At the same time, the GIE curriculum requires specific seminars that train students in the major works, methodologies, and theories related to transnational, transregional, global, comparative, international, borderlands and transoceanic approaches.

Faculty and graduate students at Maryland are actively engaged in this scholarship with particular expertise in the study of: empire and colonialism, cultural and intellectual flows, gender and sexuality, religion, labor and capitalism, political economy, migration, medicine, disease and public health, race, the African diaspora, Atlantic history, slavery, technology, science and the environment, and the global presence of the United States.

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