Certificate Programs

The Certificate in Historic Preservation is a 16-credit program consisting of four required courses and two electives from the student’s home degree program, chosen in consultation with the HISP advisor. The certificate gives students obtaining degrees in related and/or affiliate programs the opportunity to become conversant with historic preservation history, methodology, current issues and contemporary practice.

The Certificate Program in Museum Scholarship and Material Culture augments graduate work in American Studies, Anthropology, Historic Preservation, and History by training students to understand the particular challenges, issues, and opportunities encountered when conducting and presenting material culture scholarship in the museum environment. The program takes advantage of close collaboration with the world's largest museum establishment, the Smithsonian Institution. Core courses are taken at the Smithsonian with the participation of Smithsonian staff. The certificate aims to equip students with skills for research, scholarship, and presentation that are appropriate to museums of history, culture, and material life. It is not directed toward museum administration or care of collections, nor does it deal directly with issues specifically pertaining to art or natural science museums.