Twelve ARHU doctoral students receive 2012-2013 Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowships.

Congratulations to ARHU’s Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellows!

The Graduate School awards approximately 40 Wylie Dissertation Fellowships per year and 12 are going to ARHU students.

Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowships are one-semester awards intended to support outstanding doctoral students who are in the final stages of writing their dissertation. Wylie Dissertation Fellowships carry a stipend of $10,000 plus candidacy tuition remission and $800 toward the cost of health insurance.

ARHU Winners:

Sarah Cantor, Art History

Wing Yee Chow, Linguistics

Rocío Gordon, Spanish

Matthew Scott Heerman, History

Bettina Judd, Women's Studies

Jasmine Lellock, English

Tiffany Lewis, Communication

Vincent Picciuto, Philosophy

Thomas Regulski, Music

Amy Rutenberg, History

Erica Thompson, American Studies

Sarah Sillin, English