Congratulations to the Department of History on their first place win in the Terrapin Triathlon relay event that took place on May 5!

Team Bell-Giovacchini-Ross finished the race in 1 hour and 30 minutes, just 3 minutes before the second place team crossed the finish line.

The Terrapin Triathlon is a three-part sprint race that involves swimming, biking and running.  The triathlon, which is in its fourth year, has two events—relay and individual race divisions.  Six 3-member teams participated in the relay event and a total of 159 triathletes in the individual event.

This year, the department had five teams participate in the relay and two members, graduate student Will Burghart and associate professor Daryle Williams participated in the individual event.

Among other participants were students from the History Undergraduate Association (HUA),who through the support of family, friends and scholars, were able to raise enough money through the event—a goal of $500—to schedule their spring 2014 “Success in the Major” workshop.

The workshop gives undergraduate students the opportunity to network with fellow classmates, advisors, and faculty to further understand what it takes to be a successfully employable historian.

HUA is a group comprised of UMD students interested in all history related topics, regardless of major. 

In addition, Niklas Berry, a honors history student and a member of the undergraduate relay team, was recognized on May 10 for successfully completing his senior honors thesis entitled “Twice-Told Tales: Expectations of Authenticity in Abolitionist Visual Culture.”

Berry was also the commencement speaker for the department's graduation ceremonies on Monday, May 20th.  

“A true scholar-triathlete,” Williams said.

Department of History triathlon participants included:

  • Matt Ball, Department of History, Graduate Student
  • Rick Bell, Department of History, Faculty
  • Niklas Berry, Department of History, Undergraduate Student
  • Will Burghart, Department of History, Graduate Student
  • Sarah Cameron, Department of History, Faculty
  • Allison Finkelstein, Department of History, Graduate Student
  • Saverio Giovacchini, Department of History, Faculty
  • Emily Landau, Department of History, Visiting Faculty
  • Jim Maffie, Department of Philosophy, Visiting Faculty
  • Kelsey Marotta, Art Studio (concentration in Graphic Design), Undergraduate Student
  • Shuji Otsuka, Department of History, Visiting Faculty
  • Michael Ross, Department of History, Faculty
  • Patti Schult, Department of Biology, Undergraduate Student
  • Nicholas Seetin, Department of History, Graduate Student
  • David Sicilia, Department of History, Faculty
  • Peter Wien, Department of History, Faculty
  • Daryle Williams, Department of History, Faculty