ARHU’s Jeffrey Herf awarded the Sybil Halpern Milton Prize for his book, Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World.

The German Studies Association announced Herf’s award on September 23, 2011 saying his original and provocative book reveals how much can still be learned about National Socialism, the Holocaust, and World War II.
Herf uses a wealth of previously untapped sources from archives in Germany and the United States to explore the massive print and radio campaign that Nazi propaganda experts directed at the Arab and Muslim populations of North Africa and Central Asia.
By demonstrating empirically how Nazi antisemitism found an audience among Middle Eastern militants and meshed with their views during World War II, Herf effectively underscores the pivotal role of ideology in the perpetration of the Holocaust. His focus on the interplay between Nazi ideology and politics and non-European political agents helps us recognize the Holocaust as not only European but global in its dimensions.
The Milton Award:
Sybil Halpern Milton was a historian who made significant contributions to the history of the Holocaust. To honor her memory and to recognize scholarship on Nazi Germany and the Holocaust in its broadest context, the German Studies Association awards a book prize in her name every second year.