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UMD's Jeffrey Herf weighs in on Germany's decision to abstain from the U.N. resolution regarding Libya.

UMD's Jeffrey Herf weighs-in on how WWII's Nazi Propaganda related to Arabs and Muslims.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

UMD's new Center for the History of the New America looks at contemporary immigration in the the U.S.

UMD Professor of English Carla Peterson book 'Black Gotham' looks at 19th century African-Americans who lived free in the north.

Opinion: UMD's Jeffery Herf, department of history professor, weighs in on problems with radical Islam.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UMD's History Professor Jeffery Herf highlights historians' involvement in current public debates in a Letter to the Editor.

Scholar Spotlight on Wilson Center Fellow and Associate Professor of History David Freund in Centerpoint .

Washington Institute for Near East Policy Awards Herf the bronze book prize for his book Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World.