Morningstar publishes manuscript on Gen. Patton

PhD. Candidate James Kelly Morningstar has published his book, Patton's Way: A Radical Theory of War, on World War II American general, George S. Patton, Jr., with the Naval Institute Press.

Patton's Way is a unique approach to the legend of General George S. Patton Jr. and his development and application of modern warfare. The book argues that popular representations of Patton are built on misconceptions and incomplete understandings about his approach to battle. The author identifies four core principles in Patton's creed: targeting the enemy's morale through shock; utilizing highly practiced combined arms mechanized columns; relying on mission tactics and flexible command and control; and employing multi-layered and synthesized intelligence systems to identify enemy capabilities and weak spots.

Find Morningstar's new book on the library catalogue here.

Morningstar, who is also professional-track faculty, will teach HIST224 on Modern Military History from 1494 to 1815 this Fall.

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