WEAS 2019-2020 Events

 Washington Early American Seminar Series

Schedule of Events, 2019-2020

Fall 2019

September 6: 4pm, TLF 2110. Michael E. Woods (Marshall University): “‘The Making of a Professional Racist: The Rise of John Van Evrie’s Racist Publishing Empire in Pre-Civil War America." Respondent: Roger Bailey (Maryland)

October 11: 4pm, TLF 2110. Chris Florio (Hollins University): “Poor Freedom: A Problem of Poverty in an Age of Gradual Emancipation." Respondent: Sophie Hess (Maryland)

November 15: 4pm. Special Location: 328 Phillips Hall, George Washington University (801 22nd Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20052). Stephanie K. Lawton (Virginia): “Praises to the Dead: The Heroes of Antiquity and the Eulogies of George Washington." Respondent: Matthew Goetz (George Washington)

December 6: 4pm. Special Location: National Museum of American History. Zachary Dorner (Johns Hopkins): “Concerning Medicine, Money, and (Early) Modernity in the Atlantic World." Respondent: Nicole Mahoney (Maryland/McNeil Center)


Spring 2020

February 7: 4pm, TLF 2110. Vivian Bruce Conger (Ithaca College): “Self-Fashioning and the Intergenerational Gendered Body in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia.” Respondent: Holly Hynson (Maryland)

March 6: 4pm, TLF 2110. Adrian Chastain Weimer (Providence College): “Subjecthood and Sovereignty in Restoration Massachusetts Bay." Respondent: Joe Rooney (Maryland)

April 10: 4pm, TLF 2110. Marcus P. Nevius (University of Rhode Island): “'An Intire Tax': Dismal Plantation and the Question of Petit Marronage, 1760s to the 1790s." Respondent: Taylor Kocher (Maryland)

May 8: 4pm. Special Location: Fred W. Smith Library at George Washington's Mount Vernon. Travis Glasson (Temple University): “'A ‘Neutral and Equivocal Character’: Peter Van Schaack and the Price of Conscience in the American Revolution." Respondent: Derek Litvak (Maryland)