Embattled and Conquered?: Nighttime in the Early Modern Period
with a focus on Istanbul

Cemal Kafadar, Harvard University

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

History Graduate Student Association Conference

March 29 H.J. Patterson


On Monday, February 11 at 9:30 AM Rob Chiles was on 88.1 FM, WYPR, Baltimore’s NPR affiliate.   He was interviewed about his book on Al Smith and the Revolution of 1928 for the program “

The Washington Post has just published an op-ed from Piotr on the role of fake news and hate speech in the recent assassination of the Mayor of Gdansk.

Congratulations to Karin Rosemblatt on winning the PROSE award in North American history for her bookThe Science and Politics of Race in Mexico and the United States, 1910–1950 (University o

Governor Al Smith, Progressivism, and the New Deal

Professor Richard Bell will present about the broadway show and American HIstory.  For more information,