Early American Seminar Series

Free and open to all, the Early American Seminar Series brings senior scholars, junior faculty, and advanced graduate students to College Park to discuss their work in progress. The seminar is composed of graduate students and faculty from the University of Maryland and a host of other area institutions and is convened by Professors Rick Bell, Holly Brewer, Clare Lyons, and Whit Ridgway.

The seminar meets at regular intervals throughout the academic year on Fridays at 5pm in Taliaferro Hall 2110.  Papers (typically 30-40 pages) are pre-circulated among seminar participants seven days in advance of each meeting. The ninety-minute workshop is followed by dinner with the presenter at a local restaurant.

To join the seminar email list or to apply to present a work in progress in future cycles, please contact Prof. Rick Bell (rjbell@umd.edu) or Prof. Holly Brewer (hbrewer@umd.edu).

Schedule of Events, 2013-2014:

NEW DATE>>>> September 20: Rabia Belt (Michigan), “Sympathy, Science, Statistics and the State: The Creation of a Disfranchised Dependent Class.” Respondent: Matthias Ball (Maryland)

October 11: Clayton Zuba (Delaware), “John Marrant's Narrative and British Imperial Identity, 1785-1815.” Respondent: Rachel Walker (Maryland)

November 1: Dael Norwood (New School), “Navigating Nationalism: Asian Commerce and the Construction of the Post-Revolutionary American State.” Respondent: Roger Bailey (Maryland)

November 22: Paul Polgar (College of William and Mary), “Remaking American Antislavery: The Ideological Departure of the American Colonization Society.” Respondent: Lucien Holness (Maryland)

February 7: Adrian Finucane (University of Kansas), “Trade and Treachery: John Burnet, the South Sea Company, and Smuggling in Eighteenth-Century Spanish America.” Respondent: Lindy Cummings (Maryland)

March 7: Wendy Warren (Princeton University), "Recasting the New England Family: Slavery and Community at the Edge of an Empire."  Respondent: Robert Elias (Maryland) <<<< Special Location: KEY 2120

March 28: David Konig (Washington University), “Thomas Jefferson, Antislavery Lawyer.” Respondent: Ashley Towle (Maryland)

April 18: Graduate Student Prospectus Workshop: Rachel Walker, "Femininity, Physiognomy, and the Gendering of Intelligence, 1750-1850;" Ashley Towle, "Emancipation and Reconstruction in Little Rock, Arkansas."

May 2: James Rice (SUNY-Plattsburgh), “Rethinking the 'Powhatan Uprising' of 1622.” Respondent: Nicole Mahoney (Maryland)


Other DC-area seminars of interest to scholars of Early American history include:

The Slavery, Memory and African Diasporas Seminar hosted by Howard University

The Early Modern Global History Seminar hosted by Georgetown University

The 19th-Century U.S. History Workshop hosted by Georgetown University