Undergraduate Courses

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Course Semester Titlesort descending Sections Instructor(s)
HIST255 Spring 2018 African-American History, 1865 - Present 1 sections Dennis Doster
HIST352 Spring 2018 America in the Colonial Era, 1600-1763 1 sections Miles Bradbury
HIST353 Spring 2018 America in the Revolutionary Era, 1763-1815 1 sections Holly Brewer
HIST285 Spring 2018 East Asian Civilization II 1 sections James Gao
HIST356 Spring 2018 Emergence of Modern America, 1900-1945 1 sections Robert Chiles
HIST233 Spring 2018 Empire! The British Imperial Experience 1558-1997 1 sections Anne Rush
HIST240 Spring 2018 Europe in the Twentieth Century 1 sections Lejnar Mitrojorgji
HIST208L Spring 2018 Historical Research and Methods Seminar; Slavery and Abolition in the United States 2 sections Lucien Holness
HIST208N Spring 2018 Historical Research and Methods Seminar; The Many Lives of Others: Auto/biography in Medieval and Early Modern Eurasia 2 sections Jonathan Allen
HIST208M Spring 2018 Historical Research and Methods Seminar; War, Culture, and Legitimacy in the Ancient World 2 sections Jordan Slavik
HIST289X Spring 2018 History and the Politics of American Memory 4 sections Colleen Woods
HIST235 Spring 2018 History of Britain 1461 to 1714 1 sections Sabrina Baron
HIST236 Spring 2018 History of Britain 1688 to Present 1 sections Julie Taddeo
HIST483 Spring 2018 History of Japan Since 1800 1 sections Louisa Rubinfien
HIST376 Spring 2018 History of Modern Israel 1 sections Eran Eldar
HIST396 Spring 2018 Honors Colloquium II 1 sections David Freund
HIST399 Spring 2018 Honors Thesis II; Honors Thesis II 1 sections Holly Brewer
HIST222 Spring 2018 Immigration and Ethnicity in America 1 sections Robert Chiles
HIST425 Spring 2018 Imperial Russia 1 sections Mikhail Dolbilov
HIST200 Spring 2018 Interpreting American History: Beginnings to 1877 4 sections Robert Chiles
HIST201 Spring 2018 Interpreting American History: From 1865 to the Present 20 sections Howard Smead
Robert Chiles
HIST373 Spring 2018 Jews in Early Modern Times 1450-1750 1 sections Bernard Cooperman
HIST289A Spring 2018 Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Medieval Spain: Tolerance, Oppression, and the Problematic Past 4 sections Janna Bianchini
HIST251 Spring 2018 Latin America Since Independence 1 sections Daniel Richter
HIST142 Spring 2018 Looking at America through a Global Lens 4 sections Saverio Giovacchini
HIST211 Spring 2018 Love, Labor, and Citizenship: History of American Women Since 1880 4 sections Robyn Muncy
HIST225 Spring 2018 Modern Military History, 1815-Present 1 sections James Morningstar
HIST289R Spring 2018 Pocketbook Politics: A History of American Buying and Selling 12 sections Katarina Keane
HIST357 Spring 2018 Recent America: 1945-Present 1 sections Howard Smead
HIST245 Spring 2018 Reformers, Radicals, and Revolutionaries: The Middle East in the Twentieth Century 1 sections Peter Wien