Undergraduate Courses

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Course Semestersort ascending Title Sections Instructor(s)
HIST221 Spring 2019 Asian American History 1 sections Terry Park
HIST289X Spring 2019 History and the Politics of American Memory 4 sections Colleen Woods
HIST329D Spring 2019 Special Topics in History; Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict through Opposing Histories 1 sections Paul Scham
HIST408Q Spring 2019 Senior Seminar; Death in the Biblical World 1 sections Matthew Suriano
HIST429T Spring 2019 Special Topics in History; Wealth and Poverty in the Modern Indian City 1 sections Mircea Raianu
HIST329Z Spring 2019 Special Topics in History; Mizrahi Identity in Israel 1 sections Shay Hazkani
HIST222 Spring 2019 Immigration and Ethnicity in America 1 sections Robert Chiles
HIST289Y Spring 2019 Zombies, Fear, and Contagion: A Cultural History of Public Health, Medicine, and Technology 12 sections Chantel Rodriguez
HIST329F Spring 2019 Special Topics in History; Religious and Political Transformations in Modern Jewish History, 1650-1870 1 sections Marsha Rozenblit
HIST408W Spring 2019 Senior Seminar; Votes for Women in Maryland! 1 sections Robyn Muncy
HIST429Y Spring 2019 Special Topics in History; Islamic Memory: The Prophet Mohammed and the Founding Generation of Islam 1 sections Antoine Borrut
HIST219M Spring 2019 Special Topics in History; Archaeology and History of Palestine: Neolithic to Muhammad 1 sections Gregory Stoehr
HIST225 Spring 2019 Modern Military History, 1815-Present 1 sections Patrick Chung
HIST307 Spring 2019 The Holocaust of European Jewry 1 sections Marsha Rozenblit
HIST329L Spring 2019 Special Topics in History; Riches and Ruin: A Global History of Capitalism 1 sections Mircea Raianu
HIST408X Spring 2019 Senior Seminar; Britain at War: A Social and Cultural History, From WWI to the Cold War 1 sections Julie Taddeo
HIST430 Spring 2019 Reforming Politics, Religion, and Gender Relations in England 1485-1603 1 sections Sabrina Baron
HIST281 Spring 2019 The Rabbinic Movement: History and Culture 1 sections Hayim Lapin
HIST233 Spring 2019 Empire! The British Imperial Experience 1558-1997 1 sections Anne Rush
HIST310 Spring 2019 History of South Africa 1 sections Paul Landau
HIST329X Spring 2019 Special Topics in History; Mobility in History: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 1 sections Thomas Zeller
HIST415 Spring 2019 Ideas and Politics in Europe Since 1900 1 sections Jeffrey Herf
HIST436 Spring 2019 Napoleon, the French Revolution, and the World 1 sections Thomas Kaiser
HIST463 Spring 2019 History of the Old South 1 sections Leslie Rowland
HIST235 Spring 2019 History of Britain 1461 to 1714 1 sections Sabrina Baron
HIST319A Spring 2019 Special Topics in History; City God, Dragon Boat, and Monkey King: Popular Culture and Society in Imperial China 1 sections Ting Zhang
HIST333 Spring 2019 The European Reformations 1 sections Stefano Villani
HIST417 Spring 2019 Colonial Encounters: Natives, Spaniards, and Africans in the New World 1 sections Alejandro Caneque
HIST455 Spring 2019 Constitutional History of the United States: Since 1865 1 sections Michael Ross
HIST429Q Spring 2019 Special Topics in History; Digital Histories of the Atlantic Slave Trade 1 sections Daryle Williams