Undergraduate Courses

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Coursesort descending Semester Title Sections Instructor(s)
HIST287 Fall 2017 Why the Jews? Historical and Cultural Investigations 1 sections Bernard Cooperman
HIST289C Fall 2017 Mirror of Democracy: The Golden Age of Athens 5 sections Joseph Frechette
HIST289O Fall 2017 Lawlessness: From Pirates to Body-snatchers, Exploring the Legitimacy of Illicit Activity 5 sections Anne Rush
HIST289Y Fall 2017 Zombies, Fear, and Contagion: A Cultural History of Public Health, Medicine, and Technology 12 sections Chantel Rodriguez
HIST306 Fall 2017 History of Religion in America 1 sections Miles Bradbury
HIST310 Fall 2017 History of South Africa 1 sections Paul Landau
HIST319K Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; Antisemitism: The "Old", the "Modern", and the "New" in European History and Beyond 1 sections Jeffrey Herf
HIST319V Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; America in the 1960s 1 sections Katarina Keane
HIST326 Fall 2017 The Roman Republic 1 sections Arthur Eckstein
HIST328A Fall 2017 Selected Topics in History; Forging the Tortilla Curtain: US-Mexico Borderlands History,1800-Present 1 sections Chantel Rodriguez
HIST328R Fall 2017 Selected Topics in History; Global History of Soccer: Politics, Culture, and Society 1 sections Daniel Richter
HIST329B Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; Drugs in the Modern World: From Opium Wars to the War on Drugs 1 sections Daniel Richter
HIST329E Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; Black Women in United States History 1 sections Elsa Barkley Brown
HIST329F Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; Religion and Empire in Late Antiquity 1 sections John Weisweiler
HIST329I Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; Race in Latin America 1 sections Karin Rosemblatt
HIST329Q Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; The Koreas: Korean War to the 21st Century 1 sections Instructor: TBA
HIST329V Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; Elizabeth I of England and Mary Queen of Scots: Between Propaganda and Myth 1 sections Stefano Villani
HIST331 Fall 2017 Europe in the High Middle Ages: 1000-1500 1 sections Janna Bianchini
HIST352 Fall 2017 America in the Colonial Era, 1600-1763 1 sections Miles Bradbury
HIST353 Fall 2017 America in the Revolutionary Era, 1763-1815 1 sections Whitman Ridgway
HIST355 Fall 2017 Civil War and the Rise of Industrialization, 1860-1900 1 sections Robert Chiles
HIST357 Fall 2017 Recent America: 1945-Present 1 sections Robert Chiles
HIST371 Fall 2017 Jews and Judaism in Antiquity II: First through Seventh Century 1 sections Hayim Lapin
HIST375 Fall 2017 Modern Jewish History II: World Jewry Since 1870 1 sections Marsha Rozenblit
HIST382 Fall 2017 Law and Culture in Late Imperial China 1 sections Ting Zhang
HIST395 Fall 2017 Honors Colloquium I 1 sections Holly Brewer
HIST398 Fall 2017 Honors Thesis I 1 sections Holly Brewer
HIST405 Fall 2017 Environmental History 1 sections Robert Friedel
HIST408I Fall 2017 Senior Seminar; Literature and Jewish Life in Eastern Europe 1 sections Rachel Manekin
HIST408P Fall 2017 Senior Seminar; War in the Pacific 1 sections Colleen Woods