Undergraduate Courses

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Course Semestersort ascending Title Sections Instructor(s)
HIST266 Fall 2017 The United States in World Affairs 1 sections Howard Smead
HIST329I Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; Race in Latin America 1 sections Karin Rosemblatt
HIST408R Fall 2017 Senior Seminar; Race and Religion in the Middle Ages 1 sections Colleen Ho
HIST481 Fall 2017 A History of Modern China 1 sections James Gao
HIST418A Fall 2017 Jews and Judaism: Selected Historical Topics; Memoir and Autobiography in Modern Jewish History 1 sections Marsha Rozenblit
HIST204 Fall 2017 Introduction to the History of Science 1 sections John Matthews
HIST284 Fall 2017 East Asian Civilization I 4 sections Ting Zhang
HIST329Q Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; The Koreas: Korean War to the 21st Century 1 sections Instructor: TBA
HIST419P Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; Origins of Ethnic Cleansing in Russia and the Soviet Union 1 sections Mikhail Dolbilov
HIST482 Fall 2017 History of Japan to 1800 1 sections Louisa Rubinfien
HIST375 Fall 2017 Modern Jewish History II: World Jewry Since 1870 1 sections Marsha Rozenblit
HIST205 Fall 2017 Environmental History 4 sections Thomas Zeller
HIST287 Fall 2017 Why the Jews? Historical and Cultural Investigations 1 sections Bernard Cooperman
HIST329V Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; Elizabeth I of England and Mary Queen of Scots: Between Propaganda and Myth 1 sections Stefano Villani
HIST419Q Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; Before the Holocaust: The Golden Age of European Jewry 1 sections Rachel Manekin
HIST491 Fall 2017 History of the Ottoman Empire 1 sections Madeline Zilfi
HIST408T Fall 2017 Senior Seminar; "Anna Karenina" as a Window on Russia 1 sections Mikhail Dolbilov
HIST208I Fall 2017 Historical Research and Methods Seminar; Religion, Secularism, and Revolution in the Early Modern World 2 sections Jonathan Brower
HIST289C Fall 2017 Mirror of Democracy: The Golden Age of Athens 5 sections Joseph Frechette
HIST331 Fall 2017 Europe in the High Middle Ages: 1000-1500 1 sections Janna Bianchini
HIST419X Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; Corporations on Trial: Histories of Law, Capitalism, and Human Rights 1 sections Mircea Raianu
HIST492 Fall 2017 Women and Society in the Middle East 1 sections Madeline Zilfi
HIST408Z Fall 2017 Senior Seminar; Inventing the New World 1 sections Alejandro Caneque
HIST208J Fall 2017 Historical Research and Methods Seminar; Race, Gender and Science in American History 2 sections Rachel Walker
HIST289O Fall 2017 Lawlessness: From Pirates to Body-snatchers, Exploring the Legitimacy of Illicit Activity 5 sections Anne Rush
HIST352 Fall 2017 America in the Colonial Era, 1600-1763 1 sections Miles Bradbury
HIST428A Fall 2017 Selected Topics in History; Chinese Cities and Frontiers 1 sections James Gao
HIST428K Fall 2017 Selected Topics in History; Cosmopolitanism and Empire in the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East 1 sections John Weisweiler
HIST110 Fall 2017 The Ancient World 8 sections Arthur Eckstein
HIST208K Fall 2017 Historical Research and Methods Seminar; The American Civil War 2 sections Roger Bailey