Undergraduate Courses

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Course Semester Titlesort descending Sections Instructor(s)
HIST133 Fall 2017 "God Wills It!" The Crusades in Medieval and Modern Perspectives 4 sections Janna Bianchini
HIST481 Fall 2017 A History of Modern China 1 sections James Gao
HIST254 Fall 2017 African-American History to 1865 1 sections Christopher Bonner
HIST352 Fall 2017 America in the Colonial Era, 1600-1763 1 sections Miles Bradbury
HIST353 Fall 2017 America in the Revolutionary Era, 1763-1815 1 sections Whitman Ridgway
HIST135 Fall 2017 Civil Discourse or Urban Riot: Why Cities Don't (Often) Explode 4 sections Bernard Cooperman
HIST355 Fall 2017 Civil War and the Rise of Industrialization, 1860-1900 1 sections Robert Chiles
HIST250 Fall 2017 Colonial Latin America 1 sections David Sartorius
HIST453 Fall 2017 Diplomatic History of the United States from 1914 1 sections Colleen Woods
HIST284 Fall 2017 East Asian Civilization I 4 sections Ting Zhang
HIST205 Fall 2017 Environmental History 4 sections Thomas Zeller
HIST405 Fall 2017 Environmental History 1 sections Robert Friedel
HIST331 Fall 2017 Europe in the High Middle Ages: 1000-1500 1 sections Janna Bianchini
HIST208J Fall 2017 Historical Research and Methods Seminar; Race, Gender and Science in American History 2 sections Rachel Walker
HIST208I Fall 2017 Historical Research and Methods Seminar; Religion, Secularism, and Revolution in the Early Modern World 2 sections Jonathan Brower
HIST208K Fall 2017 Historical Research and Methods Seminar; The American Civil War 2 sections Roger Bailey
HIST234 Fall 2017 History of Britain to 1485 1 sections Sabrina Baron
HIST482 Fall 2017 History of Japan to 1800 1 sections Louisa Rubinfien
HIST306 Fall 2017 History of Religion in America 1 sections Miles Bradbury
HIST213 Fall 2017 History of Sexuality in America 4 sections Clare Lyons
HIST310 Fall 2017 History of South Africa 1 sections Paul Landau
HIST491 Fall 2017 History of the Ottoman Empire 1 sections Madeline Zilfi
HIST395 Fall 2017 Honors Colloquium I 1 sections Holly Brewer
HIST398 Fall 2017 Honors Thesis I 1 sections Holly Brewer
HIST466 Fall 2017 Immigration and Ethnicity in the U.S. 1 sections Julie Greene
HIST200 Fall 2017 Interpreting American History: Beginnings to 1877 9 sections Robert Chiles
Rachel Walker
HIST201 Fall 2017 Interpreting American History: From 1865 to the Present 22 sections Howard Smead
Robert Chiles
Jeffrey Coster
HIST204 Fall 2017 Introduction to the History of Science 1 sections John Matthews
HIST120 Fall 2017 Islamic Civilization 4 sections Ahmet Karamustafa
HIST371 Fall 2017 Jews and Judaism in Antiquity II: First through Seventh Century 1 sections Hayim Lapin