Undergraduate Courses

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Coursesort ascending Semester Title Sections Instructor(s)
HIST492 Fall 2017 Women and Society in the Middle East 1 sections Madeline Zilfi
HIST491 Fall 2017 History of the Ottoman Empire 1 sections Madeline Zilfi
HIST482 Fall 2017 History of Japan to 1800 1 sections Instructor: TBA
HIST481 Fall 2017 A History of Modern China 1 sections James Gao
HIST477 Fall 2017 Transnational Blackness in the Americas 1 sections David Sartorius
HIST466 Fall 2017 Immigration and Ethnicity in the U.S. 1 sections Julie Greene
HIST453 Fall 2017 Diplomatic History of the United States from 1914 1 sections Colleen Woods
HIST430 Fall 2017 Tudor England 1 sections Sabrina Baron
HIST429N Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; The Aztecs: Human Sacrifice and Conquest 1 sections James Maffie
HIST429K Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; From Colonization to Decolonization in North Africa, 1830-1962 1 sections Peter Wien
HIST429I Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; American Slavery, American Freedom 1 sections Christopher Bonner
HIST429A Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; Victoria's Secrets: Sex and Class in Nineteenth Centure Britain 1 sections Julie Taddeo
HIST428X Fall 2017 Selected Topics in History; 1967 and its Aftermath: How they Changed Israel and the Mideast 1 sections Shay Hazkani
HIST428R Fall 2017 Selected Topics in History; Transition to Islam: From the Ancient to the Medieval Muslim World 1 sections Antoine Borrut
HIST428L Fall 2017 Selected Topics in History; Archaeology of Slavery: Classical, Caribbean and North American Contexts 1 sections Mark Leone
HIST428A Fall 2017 Selected Topics in History; Chinese Cities and Frontiers 1 sections James Gao
HIST419X Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; Corporations on Trial: Histories of Law, Capitalism, and Human Rights 1 sections Instructor: TBA
HIST419Q Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; Before the Holocaust: The Golden Age of European Jewry 1 sections Rachel Manekin
HIST419P Fall 2017 Special Topics in History; Origins of Ethnic Cleansing in Russia and the Soviet Union 1 sections Mikhail Dolbilov
HIST418A Fall 2017 Jews and Judaism: Selected Historical Topics; Memoir and Autobiography in Modern Jewish History 1 sections Marsha Rozenblit
HIST408Z Fall 2017 Senior Seminar; Inventing the New World 1 sections Alejandro Caneque
HIST408T Fall 2017 Senior Seminar; "Anna Karenina" as a Window on Russia 1 sections Mikhail Dolbilov
HIST408R Fall 2017 Senior Seminar; Race and Religion in the Middle Ages 1 sections Colleen Ho
HIST408Q Fall 2017 Senior Seminar; Democracy and Dictatorship in Modern German History 1 sections Jeffrey Herf
HIST408P Fall 2017 Senior Seminar; War in the Pacific 1 sections Colleen Woods
HIST408I Fall 2017 Senior Seminar; Literature and Jewish Life in Eastern Europe 1 sections Rachel Manekin
HIST405 Fall 2017 Environmental History 1 sections Robert Friedel
HIST398 Fall 2017 Honors Thesis I 1 sections Holly Brewer
HIST395 Fall 2017 Honors Colloquium I 1 sections Holly Brewer
HIST382 Fall 2017 Law and Culture in Late Imperial China 1 sections Ting Zhang