Commencement Policy

The History Department allows only students who will have completed all the university and major requirements to walk in the departmental commencement ceremony.

Students completing their degrees in August will receive an August diploma and are eligible to walk in the December commencement.  Students completing their degrees in January will receive a May diploma and are eligible to walk in the May commencement.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact Professor Antoine Borrut (aborrut@umd.edu).

For more information on university commencement ceremonies, visit www.commencement.umd.edu

Policy on Oversubscription

For sectioned, lower level History classes:
It is the formal policy of the History Department not to permit oversubscription of classes that are sectioned into small discussion classes that are supervised by graduate students.   There are two reasons for this.  The first is that the Department expectations are that graduate student instructors in these classes will teach a maximum of eighty undergraduate students in four sections of twenty.  The Department considers a workload of eighty students per graduate student instructor to be the absolute maximum and to be compatible with graduate students fulfilling their own educational requirements.  

The second reason concerns the quality of instruction for undergraduate students in such classes.  In large classes that are sectioned, the small section is an important experience.  It provides a more intimate teaching environment that should reinforce the learning experience of the large lecture format.  In such classes, the Department considers twenty students as the maximum number that allows us to retain the benefits of the smaller classroom.

For Hist208 and Hist408:
The department also does not permit oversubscriptions to either Hist208 or Hist408.  Hist208 is the department’s introduction to historical methods.  It is a course in which students are expected to work closely with the instructor to develop their research skills and to prepare for advanced coursework in history.  The small size of the course allows for the necessary kinds of instructor-student interaction and work important to such skill development.  Hist408 is our senior capstone course; we value the opportunity it provides for advanced students nearing the end of their college years to work in a small seminar setting with a history faculty and a small group of other majors.  In both Hist208 and Hist408 the small seminar format is essential to the pedagogical purposes of the course and to providing a space for history majors to engage each other  intellectually.

All Other Oversubscription Requests:
For all other oversubscription requests, students should inquire of the professor.  If the professor grants permission, students should provide written evidence of this (via signed oversubscription form, signed and dated note from the professor, email from the professor) to the undergraduate history advising office.

Note:  Oversubscribing to a course for which you do not meet the prerequisite:
Permission to oversubscribe does not automatically override the course prerequisite requirements.  If you are seeking permission to oversubscribe a course for which you also do not meet the prerequisite, you must provide the undergraduate history advising office with written evidence that the professor is both giving permission for you to oversubscribe and giving permission for you to take the course despite not meeting the prerequisite.