Undergraduates, do you have a history paper that you worked on for a class? Are you proud of your research and writing and want to share it with the scholarly world? Submit your paper to Janus, the undergraduate history journal at the University of Maryland, College Park by March 17, 2017 for our Spring 2017 issue. We strive to highlight students who demonstrate excellence in research and clarity in writing. “Best of HIST 208” and “Best of HIST 408” titles will be awarded for papers produced for those classes this semester and will have a later submission deadline. 
Submission Guidelines:
  • Papers must be based on original historical research.
  • We do not accept book reviews. 
  • Submissions must be at least ten double-spaced pages long. 
  • Papers must use the Chicago Manual of Style format for all citations. 
  • There must be a bibliography and footnotes or endnotes in the paper. 
  • Any figures, illustrations, tables, or photographs must contain proper copyright permission for use.
  • All papers should be written in twelve-point Times New Roman font with page margins set to one inch.
  • Not restricted to History majors, but must be restricted an undergraduate from UMD.

Most recent issue

Leave submissions in Department of History office at 2115 Francis Scott Key Hall.

Phone: 301-405-4265

Email: umdjanus@gmail.com

Faculty Contact: Dr. Saverio Giovacchini

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