James B. Gilbert
Professor Emeritus






James B. Gilbert

Curriculum Vitae    


B.A. Carleton College (English Literature) 1961

M.A. University of Wisconsin (American History) 1963

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin (American History) 1966



Fulbright Advisor, University of Maryland 2011—2020

Lecturer, Erfurt University 2008

Senior Fulbright, Tubingen, Germany 2003

Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland 1999‐‐

Distinguished Fulbright Chair, Uppsala, Sweden 1998

Associate Faculty, American Studies Department 1997

Visiting Professor, University of Virginia 1993

Walt Whitman chair, Amsterdam University 1991

Visiting Lecturer, Sydney University, Australia 1987

Visiting Professor, University of Paris (X) 1984

Professor of History, University of Maryland 1972

Visiting Lecturer, Centre for Social History, Warwick

 University, Coventry, England 1971

Associate Professor History, University of Maryland 1969‐1970

Visiting Lecturer, Teachers College, Columbia University 1969 Assistant Professor History, University of Maryland 1966‐1968



Primm Lecture, One Hundredth Anniversary of St. Louis World’s Fair, University of     Missouri/Missouri Historical Association, 2004

Honorary Doctor of Letters, Uppsala University, 2002

 Distinguished Professor Lectures, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, 1997

Fellow at Rutgers University Center for Historical Analysis, 1995‐1996.

Fellow at Bellagio, Italy, 1995.

Fellow of Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, D.C., 1988. 



Founder and Head, University of Maryland, Center for Historical Studies

Chair, Department of History 1997‐1998

Chair, Campus Task Force on Graduate Education 1992‐1993

Acting Chair, Department of Art 1986‐1987

Member, University Senate and Senate Executive Committee 1985‐1986

Member, University Academic Planning Advisory Committee 1983‐1986

Chair, Graduate Program, History Department 1982‐1985

Chair, Academic Affairs Committee, Division of Arts and Humanities 1977‐1978

Chair, Departmental Committee to Revise Tenure and Promotion Guidelines 1976‐1977

Chair, Departmental Honors Program 1976‐1981



Second Place in F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story Contest for “Christian Singles,” 2017

Outstanding Teacher Certificate, Panhellenic Association 1994

Selected Distinguished Scholar‐Teacher, University of Maryland 1978‐1979  Best article of the year, Popular Culture Association 1977




Tales of Little Egypt, Atmosphere Press, 2020

Zona Romantica, Anaphora, 2020 

The Key Party: Creators Publishers, 2017

Secrets and Strangers (11 short stories):  Amazon.com 2012.


Whose Fair?: Memory, Experience, and History at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition:  University of Chicago Press (October, 2009).

Men in the Middle: Searching for Masculinity in the 1950s: University of Chicago Press, 2005

Redeeming Culture: American Religion in an Age of Science (University of Chicago,

1997): [Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award submissions by University of Chicago Press] Paperback edition, 1998.

Perfect Cities: Chicago's Utopias in the 1890's: (University of Chicago, 1991) [N.Y. Times "Notable Books of 1991"]

A Cycle of Outrage: America's Reaction to the Juvenile Delinquent in the 1950s: 

Oxford, 1986. [Pulitzer Prize submission by Oxford University Press]

The Pursuit of Liberty. Random House, 1983 (Joint Authorship with R. Jackson

Wilson, et al). (revised edition, Wadsworth, 1989). Third edition: Harper\Collins, 1995.

Another Chance: America After World War II: New York: Alfred A. Knopf,

1981.2nd ed. 1985.

Work Without Salvation: America's Intellectuals and Industrial Alienation, 18801910:  Baltimore: Hopkins, 1978.

Designing the Industrial State: The Intellectual Pursuit of Collectivism in America: Chicago: Quadrangle, 1972.

Writers and Partisans: A History of Literary Radicalism in America. New York: John Wiley, 1968. (Republished, Columbia University Press, 1992)



Rethinking Cold War Culture, with Peter Kuznick: Smithsonian Press, 2001.

Grand Illusions: Chicago's World's Fair of 1893, with Neil Harris, Wim deWit &Robert Rydell:  Chicago Historical Society, 1993.

The Myth‐Making Frame of Mind, ed. with Amy Gilman, Joan Scott & Donald Scott: Wadsworth, 1992.

Transforming Faith, ed. with Miles Bradbury: Greenwood Press, 1989.

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