Advising & Committees

Advising and Advisory Committees
Each student admitted to the HiHP program will select an advisor in History who is a member of the Graduate Faculty and whose intellectual interests are compatible with the student's plan of study. All graduate students are required to choose an advisor by November 1 of their first semester. If they do not choose an advisor by that date, the DGS will appoint one for them. The faculty advisor is responsible for advising the student, approving course selection each semester, monitoring the student's progress, and informing the student of the nature and timing of examinations and other evaluations. The advisor, in consultation with the student, will be responsible for constituting the advisory and thesis committees. The advisor will also represent the student to the Graduate Committee, as appropriate.
The advisory committee, to be constituted no later than the spring semester of the first year of study, consists of the student's advisor and two faculty members in appropriate fields, chosen by the Director of Graduate Studies in consultation with the student and the advisor. At the conclusion of the first year of study, all students will make available to the advisory committee a transcript of coursework and major written work completed during the first year. The Director of Graduate Studies will provide the advisory committee with additional relevant information, such as teaching assistantship evaluations. Upon review of the appropriate materials, the advisory committee will then recommend to the Graduate Committee continuation, modification, or, as appropriate, termination of the student's program.
After the first year of study, the advisory committee may convene to discuss progress-to-degree. The advisor has primary responsibility for determining the need for an advisory committee review, but a student has the right to request formal review.
The advisory committee will serve as the HiHP thesis committee, but substitutions are possible, provided that all members of the HiHP thesis committee are members of the Graduate Faculty and that the student's advisor serves as the committee chair.
HiHP students may change advisors at any moment of their studies, registering the change with the Director of Graduate Studies.
A change of advisor or of the composition of the advisory committee must be recorded in the student's electronic file.