Course Requirements

Course Requirements

All doctoral students entering with a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) must take, at a minimum, the following courses:

  1. Contemporary Theory (HIST 601; 3 credits; waived if the student has taken a similar course at the University of Maryland or elsewhere)
  2. Major Field General Seminar(s) (HIST 608; 3-9 credits)
    • 608A-B (United States)
    • 608C (Modern Europe)
    • 608D (Middle East)
    • 608E (Women's and Gender History)
    • 606F (Science and Technology)
    • 608G-I (Latin America)
    • 608J-K (East Asia)
    • Equivalent seminars in other historical fields
  3. Readings courses in the major field (HIST 6XX and 7XX; 9 credits)
  4. Readings courses in the minor field (HIST 6XX and 7XX; 9 credits; waived for students opting to satisfy minor field requirement via examination)
  5. Research seminars (HIST 8XX; 6 credits)
  6. Dissertation research (HIST 898/899; 12 credits)

Special Notes

  1. Courses completed during previous postbaccalaureate degree programs and/or at other institutions may be considered to satisfy course requirements. However, students entering the doctoral program with a master's degree or equivalent in history or a related discipline must take a minimum of two (2) 600-800 level courses in the major field, one of which should be with the major advisor.

  2. Requests for course requirement waivers, equivalency, and credit transfers should be directed to the Director of Graduate Studies. A request must include the course syllabus and transcripts showing the final grade. The endorsement of the advisor is typically sought.

  3. Up to nine (9) credit hours of major and minor field readings courses may be taken at the 400 level.

  4. HIST 708/709 (Directed Independent Reading for Comprehensive Examinations) does not count towards the nine-credit readings seminar requirement.