The University of Maryland History Department is a superb place to pursue an advanced degree in United States History.  Our graduate students draw on our award-winning faculty’s wide-ranging interests as they explore the American past.  The Department is especially strong in cultural and legal history as well as the study of politics and society.  It has established noteworthy concentrations in the study of slavery and emancipation, African-American history, diaspora studies, immigration, labor, women, gender and sexuality, early America, and the history of business and technology.  Scholars in our department have pioneered in the emerging transnational study of the Early Modern Atlantic World and in twentieth-century labor relations and cultural exchange.  Students benefit from the Department’s internationally recognized Center for the History of the New America, founded by members of the American history faculty as a hub for understanding this country’s long immigration history and its connection to world history. The Nathan and Jeanette Miller Center for Historical Studies regularly brings to the department renowned historians working in a variety of scholarly fields with whom our students interact during luncheons and workshops.  The Freedmen and Southern Society Project offers opportunities for emerging scholars to research the revolution in social relations wrought by emancipation in the U.S. South.

Graduate students come to the U.S. history field with diverse goals.  Our doctoral graduates have pursued careers in college and university teaching, public history, government service, and non-profit organizations.  American history is a particularly significant component of the joint History and Library Science master’s degree program, and many of our graduates occupy positions in libraries and archives across the country.  Secondary school teachers hungry for greater knowledge of American history and opportunities for research have found the M.A. degree especially attractive. 

All Ph.D. students in United States History do a general field in all of US history, and also a “special field” in a particular aspect of American history.  The “special fields” within US History include the following:

African American
African Diaspora
Asian American
Early America
Early Modern Atlantic World
Immigration and Ethnicity
Labor and Working-Class
Nineteenth Century
Technology, Science, and Environment
Twentieth Century
U.S. and the World
Women, Gender, and Sexuality