Graduate Awards & Achievements

MA Degree-by-Thesis
Morgan Flaherty, “Spinning Sugar, Refining America: Consumers and Creators of Dessert in the Long Eighteenth Century”; Advisor: Dr. Holly Brewer
Angelo Sfondiles, “The Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century”; Advisor: Dr. Madeline Zilfi
Dissertation Prospectus
Derek Litvak; Advisor: Dr. Holly Brewer
Kerry Tanner; Advisor: Dr. Saverio Giovacchini
Mischa Wolfinger; Advisor: Dr. Robyn Muncy
Christiane Marie Abu Sarah, “To Drink a Cup of Fire: Morality Tales and Moral Emotions in Egyptian, Algerian, and French Anti-Colonial Activism, 1945-1960”; Advisor: Dr. Peter Wien
Jonathan Allen, “Self, Space, Society, and Saint in the Well-Protected Domains: A History of Ottoman Saints and Sainthood, 1500-1780”; Advisor: Dr. Ahmet Karamustafa
Joshua Bearden, “Intimate Entanglement: The Gendered Politics of Race and Family in the Gulf South, 1740-1840”; Advisor: Dr. Clare Lyons
Lucien Holness, “Between North and South, East and West: The Anti-Slavery Movement in Southwestern Pennsylvania”; Advisor: Dr. Richard Bell
Joshua Klein, “The ‘Europa-Gedanke’ and the Transformation of German Conservatism, 1930-1955”; Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Herf
Diego Hurtado Torres (Ph.D.), Advisor: Karin Rosemblatt
1. Published a book entitled Las palabrasno se laslleva el viento: Lenguajespolíticosy democracia durante el gobierno de la Unidad Popular (1970-1973) [The Wind Cannot Sweep WordsAway: Political Languagesand Democracy during the Popular Unity Government]. Santiago: Centro de Estudios Bicentenario, 2019.
Thomas Messersmith (Ph.D.); Advisor: Marsha Rozenblit
1. Co-authored "The Canaries of Democracy: Imagining the Wandering Jew with Artist Rosabel Rosalind Kurth-Sofer” for Contemporaneity 8 (2019).
ARHU Travel Award
Dustin Cranford (Ph.D.); Advisor: Dr. Arthur Eckstein
Goldhaber Travel Awards
Stanley Maxson (Ph.D.); Advisor: Dr. Leslie Rowland
Nicole Mahoney (Ph.D.); Advisor: Dr. Richard Bell
1. AHA Council Annual Meeting Travel Grant
2. American Antiquarian Society Stephen Botein Fellowship
3. Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati Fellowship
Marie Abu Sarah (Ph.D.); Advisor: Dr. Peter Wien
1. Assistant Professor at Erskine College
2. Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Zentrum Moderner Orient in Berlin, Germany
MA Degree-by-Examination
Alexis Castillo; Advisor: Dr. David Sartorius
MA Degree-by-Thesis
John Andrews, “Between Rebel Flags: Iraqi Vexillology and State Iconography, 1921-2017”; Advisor: Dr. Peter Wien
Ana Nadalini Mendes, “Engendered Experiences of Freedom: Liberated African Women in Rio de Janeiro (1834-1864)”; Advisor: Dr. Daryle Williams
Kathryn Schmitt, “Odd Characters: Queering Baltimore’s Past”; Advisor: Dr. Clare Lyons
Dissertation Prospectus
Caroline Angle; Advisors: Dr. Paul Landau & Peter Wien
Charlie Fanning; Advisor: Dr. Julie Greene
Sophie Hess; Advisor: Dr. Richard Bell
Diego Hurtado Torres; Advisor: Dr. Karin Rosemblatt
Liz Novara; Advisor: Dr. Robyn Muncy
Mauricio Restrepo; Advisor: Dr. Alejandro Cañeque
Laura Frank, “Jewish Marriage and Divorce in America, 1830-1924”; Advisor: Dr. Marsha Rozenblit
Ryan Haddad, “America’s Commercial Cold War: Global Trade, National Security, and the Control of Markets”; Advisor: Dr. David Sicilia
Nicole Mahoney, "Liberty, Gentility, and Dangerous Liaisons: Francophilia in the Early Republic, 1775-1800”; Advisor: Dr. Richard Bell
Tyler Pitrof, “Too Far on a Whim to Walk Back on a Hunch: The US Navy and High-Steam Technology, 1930-1945”; Advisor: Dr. Jon Sumida
Justin Shapiro, “Decent, Safe, and Sanitary?” Public Housing and the Environment of Eastern Washington, D.C.; Advisor: Dr. Thomas Zeller
Rene Staedtler, “The Price of Reconciliation: West Germany, France and the Arc of Postwar Justice for the Crimes of Nazi Germany, 1944-1963”; Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Herf
Evan Ash (Ph.D.); Advisor: Saverio Giovachinni
1. Review of Comics in Wisconsin by Paul Buhle published in The Cleveland Review of Books
2. Review of American Splendor, forthcoming in The Metropole, Urban History Association
3. "Combat on Crusade: Religious Moral Advocacy in Green Bay, Wisconsin, 1953-1969," was accepted for presentation at the Midwestern History Association conference in May.
John Patrick Fetherston (Ph.D.); Advisor: Dr. Richard Bell
1. Presented his paper "I would not lift a hand...': A Tavern Fire, the Domestic Slave Trade, and Honorable Protest in Early Washington, D.C." at the Barnes Conference.
Dissertation Awards
Katie Labor; Advisor: Dr. Holly Brewer
Lauren Michalak; Advisor: Dr. Holly Brewer
Kader Smail; Advisor: Dr. Antoine Borrut
Kerry Tanner; Advisor: Dr. Saverio Giovacchini
Goldhaber Travel Awards
Nicole Mahoney (Ph.D.); Advisor: Dr. Richard Bell
Ann G. Wylie Fellowship
Eben Levey (Ph.D.); Advisor: Dr. Karin Rosemblatt
Kyle Pruitt (Ph.D.); Advisor: Dr. Julie Greene
Mabel S. Spencer Award
Sabrina Gonzalez; Advisor: Dr. Karin Rosemblatt
Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship
Kader Smail (Ph.D.); Advisor: Dr. Antoine Borrut
Derek Litvak (Ph.D.); Advisor: Dr. Holly Brewer
John Patrick Fetherston (Ph.D.); Advisor: Dr. Richard Bell
1. Barnes Conference Paper Prize
Laura Frank (Ph.D.), Advisor: Dr. Marsha Rozenblit
1. Director of the Contemporary Jewish Life Department at AJC (the American Jewish Committee)
Nicole Mahoney (Ph.D.); Advisor: Dr. Richard Bell
1. Adjunct Assistant Professor in the CUNY School of Professional Studies Museum Studies Program
Justin Shapiro (Ph.D.); Advisor: Dr. Thomas Zeller
1. Postdoc at Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI)