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Maryland Day 2013 (ARHU)

Maryland Day 2013
Saturday, April 27, 2013 - 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Please review the following events sponsored by ARHU and its departments, centers and institutes to see what we have to offer for a day of fun!
Terp Town Center




Explore ARHU! All Day

Meet current ARHU students and advisors to learn how you can explore your passion, broaden your mind and embrace your role in the world through academic majors and other exciting opportunities in the college.

College Park Scholars Arts Program All Day

Curious about the College Park Scholars Arts program?  Visit the ARHU tent to learn about this living and learning community, meet current students, and get directions to our ArtsFEST exhibition.

Philosophical Advice: $.05 All Day
The philosopher is in. Bring your philosophical questions to members of our Philosophy department. Nickels are free.

Learn to Say “I Love You” in a Variety of Languages All Day
Impress loved ones by saying “I love you” in another language! Students from the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures will be on hand to teach you many ways to say this affectionate phrase.

Write Your Name in Greek and Latin! All Day
Stop by the Classics table to learn how to write your name and introduce yourself in Greek and Latin!

Put Yourself on the Map! All Day
Learn about the history of immigration to Maryland and participate in a map-building project where you can record and preserve your own compelling story that illustrates the ethnic diversity in Maryland. Developed by the Center for the History of the New America.

Middle East at Maryland All Day

Come visit the University of Maryland’s Arabic and Persian Flagship Programs and learn about our great programs and explore some popular aspects of Arabic & Persian culture.  We will have henna artists, Arabic sweets, a costume photo booth, and can write your name in Arabic or Persian!

Terp Town Center


(Sponsored in part by NACS, CASL, LgSci)

  • Bilingualism All Day

Did you know that over half of the world is bilingual? Being bilingual might change the way we think! Learn how the language(s) you speak can influence what you see, hear, and say.

  • Sign Language All Day

Our brains are wired to recognize language, whether it is spoken or signed! See a unique presentation both in English & American Sign Language. Learn about the similarities and differences between spoken & signed languages.

  • Second Language Acquisition All Day

Come and find out how people can learn second languages. Learn about what we know from research on second language acquisition, by playing quick and fun games!

  • Language Party Tricks All Day

Come learn about some neat mind tricks related to language. We’ll show you how these tricks actually tell us about how human language systems work and how language is interpreted in the brain.

  • Optical Illusions All Day

Sometimes our minds trick us into seeing things that aren't actually there.  Learn more about how we're able to see the world around us with optical illusions!

  • Using more than one sense! All Day

Did you know that your sense of smell and sight are important for how you taste things?  Participate in our jellybean demo to learn how using more than one sense is important for taste!

  • Breaking the Rules All Day

Sometimes it's hard for us to break old habits so that we can learn new rules. Stop by and do the Stroop task and learn how hard it is to break an easy and common rule!

  • Neuroscience Crafts Table All Day

Learn about neurons, the cells of the brain, and the brain itself by coloring in a brain cap and making pipe cleaner neurons.

  • What is Neuroscience and Cognitive Science? All Day

Find out who are the researchers that study the brain and mind, what they study, and what their research can tell you about yourself.

  • What is Language Science? All Day

Bring your questions and your curiosity to find out how language and languages work, by talking to the linguists and other language scientists here.

  • Center for Advanced Study of Language All Day

Learn about CASL, doing language research in service to the country.


Retro Video Games 11:30 – 2:30 PM
3101 Hornbake Library

View MITH's collection of retro computers and gaming consoles and talk with students from MITH about the research projects we have involving the preservation of video games and other old digital media.




Arts & Humanities Information Session for Prospective Students 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Kay Theatre - Clarice Smith Center

Meet current students to learn about academic majors, study abroad, research and many more exciting opportunities in ARHU.

Caricature Artist All Day
Tawes Plaza (outside)
Stop by to have your portrait drawn by a professional caricature artist.

Exhibition: “Convergence: Jazz, Films, and the Visual Arts” All Day

David C. Driskell Center, 1207 Cole Student Activities Building

Visit the David C. Driskell Center Center to enjoy “Convergence: Jazz, Films, and the Visual Arts” featuring 65 works by innovative artists and filmmakers, mostly African Americans, whose works depict and/or are influenced by Jazz music and culture.

Experience and Learn Ten Languages! 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Ground Floor, St. Mary’s Hall
Come and experience 10 languages and cultures through games and activities, and tour through the Language House.

Department of Art Honors Thesis Exhibition All Day
Herman Maril Gallery, 1309 Art-Sociology Building
Visit the Department of Art Honors Thesis Exhibition and see works by students in the Honors Thesis Program.


MFA Exhibition 1:00 - 2:30 PM
The Art Gallery, 2202 Art-Sociology Building
Listen to MFA candidates from the Department of English present their work in this special Maryland Day preview.

Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture All Day
Michelle Smith Collaboratory, 4213 Art/Soc Building

Where in the world will you go? Explore Google Earth on the big screen in the Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture.


Department of English 10:00 AM - 3:00PM

Tawes Plaza

  • Chalk Talk

Inscribe your favorite quotations on Tawes Plaza in chalk.  Stop by the Department of English table, refer to anthologies and literature collections, and leave behind you favorite poetry or prose quotations.

  • Spotlight on English Alumni

Complete a survey, provide a profile and reconnect with the Department of English.

  • Quotation Station

Identify famous words from literary history, the authors who wrote them, and win a prize!  Sponsored by the English Undergraduate Association.

  • Lit Ink with Temporary Tattoos

Inscribe & inspire yourself with a literary temporary tattoo using already printed special temporary tattoo paper! Choose from some of the English department’s favorite authors and quotations.

  • Rhetorical Bingo

Join the Academic Writing program for bingo-like games that introduce the elements of rhetoric and argument that students learn in English 101 and see highlights from undergraduate research projects.

Discover Latin America All Day
Tawes Plaza

Discover Latin America’s connection to the Maryland community with the Latin American Studies Center. Listen to Latin music! Watch live dance performances! Learn about Latin American contributions to the local diet!

ArtsFEST All Day

Cambridge Community Center

The College Park Schlars Arts program's ArtsFEST features a creative exhibition of student artwork including live music, ensemble performances, acting, original short films, fine art galleries, interactive activities and more!

Be Fearless: Tell Your Story All Day

2117 Skinner

Here’s your chance to practice becoming a fearless speaker! Give a two-minute speech describing yourself and receive verbal feedback from trained oral communication consultants.  We’ll record your speech and give you a copy on DVD.

CSPAC Events
Please visit the Maryland Day Web site for all CSPAC events listed in ARTS ALLEY.
For a complete listing of university events and activities, visit Maryland Day 2013.