Ancient Mediterranean


The Washington, D.C., area, in which the University of Maryland is located, is unusually rich in resources for graduate students of Ancient Mediterranean History.  The Classics holdings of our McKeldin Library and of other Big 10 institutions are readily available.  The collections of the Library of Congress include most of the relevant texts and monographs, as well as the full range of archaeological, numismatic, and epigraphic resources.  More specialized libraries, accessible to students engaged in dissertation research, are the Hellenic Studies Center and the Dumbarton Oaks Center for Byzantine Studies.  These two libraries, associated with Harvard University, are among the premier research centers worldwide for scholars in Classical Greece through the Roman period and in Late Antiquity and Byzantium.  Also very helpful for students of Late Antiquity is the Patristics collection of Mullen Library at the neighboring Catholic University of America.

The area is also home to several antiquities collections.  Dumbarton Oaks houses a small but exquisite collection of Late Antique and Byzantine objects.  The Smithsonian Institution’s Sackler Gallery specializes in the art and archaeology of the Near East and Asia.  Not far away in Baltimore the Walters Art Gallery boasts one of the leading collections of Ancient, Early Christian, and Medieval art.