Russia and Eurasia


Russian and Eurasian history is a dynamic and growing field within the history department at the University of Maryland.  We regularly offer courses in Russian history, culture and civilization, with particular attention to Russia in its multi-ethnic, multi-confessional context.  Geographically, faculty expertise extends across the former Soviet space—from the Baltics and Eastern Europe to Russia and to Central Asia.

Prof. Mikhail Dolbilov regularly offers courses on imperial Russia, as well as courses on comparative European empires and ethnic violence.  Prof. Sarah Cameron teaches courses on modern Russian and Soviet history, as well as courses on environmental history, the Soviet Union’s relationship with the world, and the history of Central Asia.  We encourage students to collaborate with faculty working in neighboring fields, such as Prof. Piotr Kosicki, who offers courses on modern Central and Eastern Europe, among other offerings. 

Special field offerings for graduate students include: the Russian empire; imperial reforms; nationalism and religion; Soviet history; Soviet modernization and nation-building; modern Central Asian history; and Russia’s interactions with Central and Eastern Europe.

If you are interested in applying to our program, we encourage you to contact us well before the application deadline.  Successful applicants to our Ph.D. program generally have a strong command of Russian (in addition to other relevant languages), as well as a compelling statement of application and excellent academic track record.