Master of Arts

Organized in the 1920s, the Master of Arts in History program at the University of Maryland provides broad and intensive instruction in bibliography, research, and writing in various fields of historical study. The M.A. degree may constitute a step toward doctoral research or preparation for a variety of other fields, such as archives administration, museum scholarship and exhibitions, public history, primary or secondary school teaching, law, or international relations.

Admission to the Master of Arts program is offered to highly qualified applicants holding at least a bachelor's degree, normally in history or a related discipline. Application and admissions procedures are described on the Department's website.

The M.A. degree program requires a total of thirty semester hours of course work and research credits and the submission of one or two original research papers. In addition, M.A. students must successfully defend a thesis or pass a written examination (the non-thesis option).

The anticipated period for completion is two (2) years of full-time study. The degree must be completed in five (5) years.

General Requirements

General program requirements are coursework and either the degree-by-thesis option or the degree-by-examination option.