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History Major named Merrill Scholar

November 03, 2021 History

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History Major Marjorie Antonio Named Merrill Scholar

Marjorie Antonio, currently working toward her BA in the Department of History has been chosen as a 2021-22 Philip Merrill Presidential Scholar. The Program honors UMD’s most successful seniors and their designated UMD faculty and K-12 teachers as their mentors. UMD honors the Merrill Scholars and their mentors in a special ceremony and brings teachers and faculty together in a workshop that leads to stronger collaboration between UMD and K-12 schools. The Merrill Presidential Scholars Program builds a community of scholars, faculty members, and K-12 teachers who recognize and celebrate the importance of teaching and mentoring the next generation.

Marjorie writes: "Ms. Pagliarini (Ms. Pags to her students!) not only drilled us with quizzes and delivered witty lectures, she also laid the foundation for my lifelong love for history and the humanities. Later on during my junior year at the University of Maryland, I registered for Professor Keane’s course on a whim, and that single action changed the trajectory of my academic career. Professor Keane’s enthusiasm for history and passion for education was truly inspirational and infectious, and–from our conversations–sparked my History capstone project, meditations of social and cultural histories, and ways academia can change for the better. Ms. Pags and Professor Keane shaped my academic career and research interests, and influenced the way I see the world, and I thank them both for their guidance, continued investment and support."

Congratulations Marjorie!