Christopher Bonner
Assistant Professor

Christopher Bonner specializes in African American history and the nineteenth century United States. He is completing a book titled "A New Republic: Black Protest and the Creation of American Citizenship." This book examines black activists' work toward constructing American citizenship around a specific set of rights and obligations in the decades before the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment. In their public protest statements, black people from across the antebellum free states used citizenship to demand legal protections and in so doing helped construct citizen status, a central project in the long development of American law and society. His future work will focus on the creation of black freedom in a slaveholding republic. His teaching interests include African American politics and culture, slavery and emancipation in the Atlantic world, and race and ethnicity in early America. Originally from Chesapeake, VA, he earned his B.A. from Howard University and Ph.D. from Yale University. 

Office Hours: 
Thursday: 1:00 PM-2:00 PM
Taliaferro Hall