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Academic Programs

“Any fool can make history, but it takes a genius to write it.” -Oscar Wilde

Academic Programs in the Department of History

The Department of History at the University of Maryland is a large department with numerous undergraduate and graduate programs. Our distinguished faculty’s expertise encompasses many areas of the globe as well as several millennia of human history. 

Academic programs

Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

Graduate Certificates

Undergraduate Minors and Certificates

Ellis Island

History Minor

In working with both primary and secondary texts, students will hone their skills in research methods, critical thinking and expository/analytical writing. Learn more about the history minor.

Caesarea Maritima Aqueduct

Middle East Studies Minor

The Middle East Studies minor introduces students to the history, culture and politics of the Middle East since the emergence of Islam. Learn more about the Middle East studies minor.

Aerial view of the Great Wall of China

East Asian Studies Certificate

This 2-credit program is designed to provide specialized knowledge of the cultures, histories and contemporary concerns of the peoples of China, Japan and Korea. Learn more about the East Asian studies certificate.

Immigration and Migration Studies Transcript Notation

This 12-credit program immerses students in immigration and migration studies. Courses examine how migration shapes the United States and the world from historical, political, cultural, and social perspectives and from multiple disciplines.

Learn more about the transcript notation.