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History Undergraduate Association

The History Undergraduate Association (HUA) and Janus Journal offer undergraduate students opportunities to enrich their studies beyond the classroom.

The History Undergraduate Association is the University of Maryland's premier undergraduate historical society.

Our goal as an organization is to create a space for history majors, minors and lovers at the university to come together and share their mutual interest in the field.

In order to create this community, we host a diverse selection of history-centered events including social hours, movie nights and panel discussions open to all in the UMD community.

During this time of Covid-19, HUA has been reimagined to fit our new hybrid college world, making the organization accessible to students learning both on and off-campus. To stay up-to-date on our new club format and upcoming events follow us on social media!

History Undergraduate Association (HUA)

HUA's Mentorship Program

HUA's Mentorship Program wascreated to support the successful transition of underclassmen and transfer students into the department. If you are interested in selecting one of our qualified mentors, follow the link to the mentor catalog and reach out to the upperclassmen who best matches your academic and personal goals as a history major or minor.

HUA Events

On a monthly basis, HUA hosts one social hour (now on Zoom!) and several Viewing Parties! Outside of these regular events, the organization hosts events like panel discussions, field trips (now virtual), trivia nights and more!

April 19th at 7 p.m.Join HUA and Dr. Robert Chiles for Historians at the Movies via Zoom ID 792 322 9373  Viewing the film Annie.  RSVP

Past Events

  • Dinner and Discussion with Dr. Giovacchini—discussion of the film “Residue.”
  • Social Hour: September 18, 2020 at 3 p.m.
  • Social Hour, July 31, 2020: HUA had a fun time discussing future plans for the Department of History as UMD transitioned to online learning., We also earned what both professors and students look for in a productive online lecture!
  • 19th Amendment Panel Discussion and Viewing Party on August 17 and August 18, 2020: The two-day event started with a viewing of the film “Suffragette” with Dr. Taddeo, an expert in British social movements in the early 20th century. Day two focused on a panel discussion with Dr. Barkley Brown, Dr. Steiner and Dr. Keane as they shared their unique perspectives on the 19th amendment and the lasting impact it has had on American politics and culture. This event was filled with so many new and familiar faces; it was a spectacular way to bid farewell to summer 2020 as HUA prepared for the start of the fall semester!

Curious about becoming a member?

Students at the University of Maryland can join HUA at any time throughout the year! If you are interested in becoming a member, reach out to one of the officers over email or social media in order to be added to our GroupMe and stay up-to-date on activities that are open to all members.

Officers and Advisor

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Julie Taddeo
President: Jessica Mahoney
Jessica Mahoney is a senior hstory and education double major with a concentration in American olitical history, and a double minor in public policy and human development. She plans to pursue a graduate degree andhopes to become a teacher as well aswork in the field of education policy. Outside of school, Jessica enjoys photography and painting. 

Vice President: Gabrielle McCoy 
Gabrille McCoy is a senior history major with a concentration in Antebellum America and a minor in public leadership. She is interested in pursuing graduate school and becoming a college professor one day. Beyond school, Gabrielle enjoys reading and spending time with  friends.  

Treasurer: Kyle Cohen 
Kyle Cohen is asophomore history major and pre-law student with a concentration in American history. Originally from ​Westchester County, New York, Kyle loves Maryland  basketball and the New York Knicks.

Public Outreach, Secretary: Matt Overton 
Matt Overton is a senior history major focusing on American history. Matt is also a member of UMD’s dodgeball club. Outside of school, he enjoys writing for his personal blog as well as watching and writing about film.

Social Media Manager: Rigby Phillips
Rigby Phillips is asenior history major with a focus on gender and sexuality. She is currently researching an honors thesis on infant mortality in early 20th-century Appalachia and working on an exhibition about the history of voting rights in the U.S. When she isn't talking about the messy race and class politics of the American women's suffrage movement, you can find her baking, arranging charcuterie and dancing to the “Mamma Mia” soundtrack.

Janus Journal

Janus is the undergraduate journal for history and the humanities at the University of Maryland. We seek to grant undergraduate students a voice in the academic world by providing them a chance to publish their work and to participate formally in scholarly debate.

Our journal's namesake, Janus, is a two-headed god of Roman mythology who looks forwards and backwards. He is older than the calendar and precedes the chief god of the Roman Pantheon, Jupiter. Janus is unique among Roman gods with his two heads, allowing him to look both inside and outside, forward and backward. Following the path of time, Janus looks to the beginning and to the end, to the past and to the future. Janus is the passing of space and time. His duality mirrors historical inquiry, studying the past with the wisdom of the present.


Janus History

Janus was created in the fall of 2000 by a group of undergraduate history students at the University of Maryland. Traditionally, Janus has followed the example of professional academic journals, featuring traditional thesis-driven student papers. After a lapse in publishing in the last few years, a new team of editors has a vision for Janus. Considering the past in our vision for the future, we plan to publish an online traditional journal at the end of every fall and spring semester, and to begin to feature the best papers from the required HIST 208 and 408 research seminars. What you're reading now is our new online, decidedly more irreverent presence with current news articles, short history papers, thought-provoking pieces, interviews from the department and more, that will evolve as the semesters continue.

Looking back at the high-caliber publications preceding us and preparing for the semester ahead of us, we invite you to join Janus as we consider the past with an eye on the future.