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Immigration and Migration Studies Transcript Notation

The immigration and migration studies transcript notation is ideal for students considering careers in law, public policy, social work and other fields.

The Center for Global Migration Studies in the Department of History is excited to announce that the "Immigration and Migration Studies" transcript notation is now available! We are accepting applications. If you are interested in receiving the transcript notation or have any questions, please contact us at

What is Immigration and Migration Studies?

Migration has had and continues to have an incredible impact on the history of the United States and the world. Courses in Immigration and Migration studies examine how migration shapes the United States and the world from historical, political, cultural, and social perspectives and from multiple disciplines. Courses in immigraiton and migration studies are ideal for students interested in studying migration's effects on American society and institutions.

What is a transcript notation?

Students who complete the requirements below will have an "Immigration and Migration Studies" notation added to their official transcript. This is ideal for students considering careers in law, public policy, social work, and other fields.

About the Immigration and Migration Studies Transcript Notation

What are the requirements for the Immigration and Migration Studies transcript notation?


Completion of 12 credits of coursework with a grade of at least” C-” including IMMR200: “Introduction to Immigration and Migration Studies” or HIST222: “Immigration and Ethnicity in America” (or its equivalent) and a capstone course, IMMR400: “Immigrant Life Stories: A Practicum in Oral History.” The other two courses can be chosen from multiple disciplines. Click here for a list of immigration and migration related courses. Courses not listed may be selected as long as they are related to immigration and migration. To check whether a course is applicable, please e-mail

Attend at least two co-curricular activities sponsored by the center. The center puts on a number of activities each semester, which are published on our website or on our social media pages. These include special guest presentations, film screenings, reading group, academic conferences and community building activities.

Who can apply for the transcript notation?

Applications are on a rolling deadline from students who have sophomore status (or the equivalent in the fall semester of the following year) and have a GPA of at least 3.0.

Immigration and Migration Studies Courses

Spring 2020

African American Studies

  • AASP 310 -- African Slave Trade

Asian American Studies

  • AAST 201 -- Asian American History
  • AAST 398J -- New World Arrivals: Literature of Asian American Migration and Diaspora

American Studies

  • AMST 498M -- Latinas/os and U.S. Popular Culture
  • AMST 498N -- Citizens, Refugees, and Immigrants


  • ANTH 411 -- Anthropology of Immigration and Health

Criminology and Criminal Justice

  • CCJS 325 -- Slavery in the Twenty First Century: Combating Human Trafficking

Comparative Literature

  • CMLT 235 -- Black Diaspora Literature and Culture
  • CMLT 270 -- Global Literature and Social Change


  • ENGL 235 -- U.S. Latina/o Literature and Culture
  • ENGL 329Y -- A Cinema Of Migration as Message
  • ENGL 349J -- New World Arrivals: Literature of Asian American Migration and Diaspora
  • ENGL 449A -- The Latinx Short Story

Government and Politics

  • GVPT 388R -- Race Relations in the US And France


  • HIST 201 -- Asian American History
  • HIST 222 -- Immigration and Ethnicity in America
  • HIST 328A -- Forging the Tortilla Curtain: US-Mexican Borderlands History, 1800-Present
  • HIST 329L -- Global History of Capitalism
  • HIST 428M -- Oral History of Immigration
  • HIST 429W -- Latinx Health History


  • HONR 218P -- Immigration: Personal Stories and Policy Changes

Immigration Studies

  • IMMR 400 -- Vital Voices: Oral Histories of the Immigrant Experience

Israel Studies

  • ISRL 343 -- Global Migration and the Israeli Case Study

Latina/o Studies

  • USLT 202 -- U.S. Latina/o Studies II: A Contemporary Overview 1960s to Present


  • LING 262 -- Heritage Languages and Their Speakers

Public Policy

  • PLCY 388P -- U.S. Immigration Policy: A Retrospective and Contemporary Review of Policy

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