Eleven ARHU graduate students received 2013-2014 Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowships.

Congratulations to ARHU’s Summer Research Fellows!
Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowships provide support to outstanding doctoral students at “mid-career.” They provide the opportunity to focus fully on their own scholarly activities and research at an essential point in their graduate studies. The general goals are to reduce time until earning their degree, to increase degree completion, and to improve the quality of the experience of graduate students. Summer Research Fellowships carry stipends of $5,000.

The Fellowships are offered as a companion program to the University of Maryland Flagship Fellows and Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowships programs. Each doctoral program had the opportunity to nominate up to two candidates for Summer Research Fellowships.

ARHU Recipients:

Victoria I. Finney, Germanic Studies

Harrison Guthorn, History

Marie Ladino, Art History

Alexandra Libby, Art History

Anna Lukyanchenko, Second Language Acquisition

Jeremy Metz, Comparative Literature

Shawn Moura, History

Emily Perez, English

Paul Nezaum Saiedi, American Studies

Artesha Taylor, Communication

Rob Wakeman, English