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History Professor Awarded $400K NSF Grant

August 31, 2021 History

Karin Rosemblatt

Karin Rosemblatt Launches New Project with NSF Grant

Karin Rosemblatt has been awarded a National Science Foundation five-year grant of $400+K to put together a research coordination network entitled:

Placing Latin America and the Caribbean in the History of Science, Technology, Environment, and Medicine.

According to Karin's abstract: "This project brings together senior and established researchers and graduate students to take stock of the vibrant and burgeoning fields of science, technology, environment, and medicine in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our network will secure ties among researchers in North and South America and unify discussions taking place with a variety of academic societies and organizations. It will produce publications that make this research available to those who are not specialists in the region. The ethnic and racial diversity of Latin America and the existence of creolized Indigenous and Afro-descendant knowledge practices make it an excellent place for advancing knowledge of world views that challenge or coexist with scientific rationalities. Project participants will include graduate students in the history of science and provide them with in-depth training and mentoring on Latin America and the Caribbean--training that is not readily available in the majority of history of science graduate programs. K-16 teachers will gain access to bibliographies, lesson plans, essays, and collections of syllabi that allow them to cover a broader range of scientific endeavors and of a more diverse community of scientists. Their students will in turn incorporate and reproduce more complete and complex representations of how science functions globally."