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Julie Greene Publishes New Book

February 16, 2023 History | Center for Global Migration Studies

Book cover for Global Labor Migrations featuring a map of the world.

Julie Greene is a co-editor on a new book on global labor migration.

Co-edited with Eileen Boris, Heidi Gottfried, and Joo-Cheong Tham, Julie Greene has published Global Labor Migration: New Directions with the University of Illinois Press. This project brings to fruition a long-term project of the Center for Global Migration Studies.

According to the publisher, "Around the world, hundreds of millions of labor migrants endure exploitation, lack of basic rights, and institutionalized discrimination and marginalization. What dynamics and drivers have created a world in which such a huge--and rapidly growing--group toils as marginalized men and women, existing as a lower caste institutionally and juridically? In what ways did labor migrants shape their living and working conditions in the past, and what opportunities exist for them today?

Global Labor Migration presents new multidisciplinary, transregional perspectives on issues surrounding global labor migration. The essays go beyond disciplinary boundaries, with sociologists, ethnographers, legal scholars, and historians contributing research that extends comparison among and within world regions. Looking at migrant workers from the late nineteenth century to the present day, the contributors illustrate the need for broader perspectives that study labor migration over longer timeframes and from wider geographic areas. The result is a unique, much-needed collection that delves into one of the world’s most pressing issues, generates scholarly dialogue, and proposes cutting-edge research agendas and methods."

See the publisher's website here for more information.