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Selected Course Descriptions | Summer 2024

Undergraduate Fields of Specialization are organized by Geographic region and Thematic topics.

The Department of History offers more than 200 courses that address a wide variety of subjects. In the table below, Selected Courses for Summer 2024 are grouped by Field of Specialization. Courses may address a number of fields of specialization. 

SUMMER 2024 Selected Course Descriptions

HIST120 Islamic Civilization | Agalar Cultural and Intellectual; Empires and Colonialism; Politics, Law, Government; Religion and Society
HIST137 Pursuits of Happiness: Ordinary Lives in the American Revolution | Bell United States; Cultural and Intellectual; Economies, Labor, and Capitalism; War, Peace, and Society; Empires and Colonialism
HIST328E The Politics of the Apocalypse: Imagining the World's End in Modern Times | Kosicki Global Interchange and Exchange; Cultural and Intellectual; Religion and Society; STEM; War, Peace, and Society

Undergraduate History Advising

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